Back to the Drawing Board


This tutorials section is a new part of our web site. We will be continually updating this content with additional tutorials so please check back soon.

The tutorials in this section cover the basic skills you'll need to create drawings in Back to the Drawing Board. Feel free to skip around, but we recommend that you cover the tutorials in the first two sections, Creating drawings and Drawing lines and entering points before moving on. These cover some basic information that we will build on in the remaining tutorials.

Tip: These tutorials can be displayed in a snap view while using the Back to the Drawing Board app. We recommend showing the browser panel minimized on the left side of your screen with Back to the Drawing Board filling the remaining space on the right side.

For best results, please make sure you have installed version or newer of Back to the Drawing Board (or later) before completing these tutorials. The app version is shown in the lower right corner of the home page.