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Arrow Style Definitions

Arrow styles define the size and appearance of arrow symbols in Arrow and Dimension objects. Arrow styles are selected by tapping the Arrow button in the bottom app bar when using the Arrow and Dimension tools.

The Arrow style property for arrow and dimension objects can be changed using the Properties tool.

There are several predefined Arrow styles (Open, Filled, Outline, Dot, etc.). You can modify any of the existing Arrow styles in this settings panel. You can create additional Arrow styles by tapping the Add a new arrow style button.

When an Arrow style is selected from the list, a sample arrow object drawn using the selected Arrow style is shown at the top of the panel. If the Arrow style definition is changed, the sample line is redrawn using the new definition.

The following properties can be defined for each Arrow style:

Arrow style name
Each Arrow style has a name. This name is used to select the Arrow style. Arrow style names must be unique within a drawing. Arrow styles can be renamed in this panel by tapping the name in the list of definitions and entering a new name. Once an Arrow style has been assiciated with an Arrow or Dimension object, changing its name will not affect that association.
The Type property defines the shape and appearance of the arrow symbol. The following arrow types are available:
Filled Arrow
A triangle filled with the object's color property
Arrow outline
An open triangle
Open arrow
A "V" shape
An open ellipse or circle if the aspect ratio property is 1:1
A filled ellipse or circle if the aspect ratio property is 1:1
The length of the arrow symbol.
Aspect ratio
The aspect ratio of the arrow symbol. A value of 1:1 would make the length and width of the symbol the same.