Back to the Drawing Board


Back to the Drawing Board provides a variety of 2D drawing primitives that can be used in the creation of your drawing. These primitives include lines (single-segment, multi-segment, filleted, and freehand), irregular polygons, B-spline curves, doublelines, rectangles, circles, arcs and ellipses.

Closed shapes (polygons, circles, arcs, ellipses, rectangles and doublelines) can optionally be filled.

Tap on the buttons above to learn more about each of the specific primitives.

Text, dimension and arrow primitives are drawn using the tools under the Annotation app bar button.

Objects are always drawn on the active layer. The active layer is selected by name using the Layer option in the bottom left app bar for each drawing tool or in the control panel. The layer defines the color, line thickness and line type (dash pattern) that are used to draw an object, and provides a way to logically separate classes of objects. Layers can be created or modified in the Layer definitions settings panel.