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The Open tool is used to open previously saved drawings, drawing templates, or to import SVG and DXF files from other applications. This tool provides the same functionality as the Open or import a drawing tile in the Home view. The Open tool displays the standard Windows file picker which allows you to navigate to any location on your disk or in the cloud and open a drawing file, a drawing template file, an SVG file, or a DXF file. Drawing files have a brown icon and a .dbfx extension; template files have a green icon and a .dbtx extension;

Once a drawing has been opened you can reload it by selecting its thumbnail tile in the recent drawings list in the Home view. If you open a drawing template, SVG file, or DXF file, it will not appear in the recent drawings list until it is saved as a drawing.

Opening a drawing will overwrite the contents of your current drawing. You will have an opportunity to save your existing drawing if it has been modified since it was last saved.

As noted, the Open tool can be used to import SVG and DXF files. These files will appear in the file picker along with Back to the Drawing Board drawing files. SVG files have a .svg extension. DXF files have a .dxf extension. For more information about DXF interoperability, see Importing and Exporting DXF Files.