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Save template

The Save template tool will save your current drawing as a drawing template.

When working on a project that involves a number of drawings, you'll find that these drawings have a lot in common. Typically each drawing in the project will have the same paper and model units, drawing scale, layer definitions, line type definitions, text style definitions, arrow style definitions, grid settings, symbol library (the list goes on...). There may be several standard drawing sizes used on the project. These properties can be set for one drawing and saved as a drawing template file. These templates can serve as a starting point for every new drawing in your project.

By using the Clear tool you can easily create a template from an existing drawing. This will remove all of the drawing objects but leave the drawing environment (size, units, layers, etc.) intact. Note that clearing your drawing will remove the symbol library. If you want to retain the symbol library in your template you can selectively delete drawing objects using the Select objects tool under Modify.

Drawing templates can include objects that are common to every drawing such as title blocks.

To save your drawing as a template, tap the Save template button. This will bring up the standard Windows Save File Picker from which you can select a folder and name your template.

If your project uses multiple drawing sheet sizes, you can create additional templates by loading an existing template, changing the Paper width and Paper height in the General settings panel, and saving a new drawing template.

Drawing templates can be opened by tapping the Open a drawing tile in the Home view or by tapping the Open button in the File group. Drawing template files can be identified by their green icon and their .dbtx extension.